State Level Trainings

  • Bio-Processing & Herbal Division
  • Khadi & Textile Division
  • Chemical Industries Division
  • Rural Craft & Engineering Division
  • Rural Energy & Infrastructure Division

National Level Trainings

Imparting practical training in all subjects from crop production to marketing of produce, with a training concept of “Learning by Doing” & seeing is believing. The experts and trainees together form a network of knowledge, where not only transfer of knowledge takes place, but also new knowledge is developed.

Programme Structure

The training programs currently being offered are of short duration on following topics.

Watershed Planning

Rainwater harvesting, wasteland transformation, water management.

Horticulture & Controlled Agriculture

Green/ Shade house design, installation, operation & maintenance, agronomy.

Organic Farming

Bio Pesticides, Vermicompost, manure.

Crop Specific

Irrigation, Fertigation, Agronomy, Plant protection.

Field Visits Corporate, contract and farmers field visits.
Micro Irrigation, Sprinkler System and Conduit water Conveyance systems Design, installation, operation, maintenance, irrigation/ Fertigation scheduling, piping for lift irrigation projects, water works, and rain water and wastewater treatment facilities.
Languages of Communication in Training English, Hindi, Translator assisted in any other language.