• Gandhi as a social entrepreneur

    Gandhiji initiated a concept of Sarvoday Society. Sarvodaya is a Gujarati term that roughly translates into “well-being for all,” “progress for all,” or “universal uplift.” It was first coined by Mahatma Gandhi, who altered and combined the Sanskrit root words sarva (all) and udaya (uplift), creating the concept that would define his political philosophy and, … Continue reading “Gandhi as a social entrepreneur”

  • Gandhi as an Educator

    Gandhiji emphasized certain ideals, practical work and the potentiality of students in education. Gandhian education has been characterized as encompassing the head, the heart and the hands that means an all-around development of child. According to him education is that which draws out and stimulates the spiritual, intellectual and physical faculties of children. The Principle … Continue reading “Gandhi as an Educator”

  • Gandhi as a Philosopher

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the great spiritual and political leader, father of the Indian Independence movement was man who preached and practiced non-violence, and inspired millions around the world — including America’s own apostle of non-violence, Martin Luther King. Although one may not typically think of Gandhi as a philosopher, he was, in fact, a profound … Continue reading “Gandhi as a Philosopher”

  • Gandhi as a social worker

    After finishing Law School in England Gandhi accepted an offer from a Muslim Indian firm to travel to South Africa for a year and advise on a lawsuit. At the time, the journey seemed merely a relief from the mediocrity of his professional life; in retrospect, however, it was one of the turning points of … Continue reading “Gandhi as a social worker”

  • Gandhi and politics

    Gandhi believed in and lived by the ethical law of Non-violence; he carried it with him into his political thoughts & actions. He thought that politics offers great opportunities to serve others and such service is an essential attribute of religion. He considered that ends and mans are integral to each other. He applied this … Continue reading “Gandhi and politics”