Founder’s Massage

I was fortunate to be born in aPushtimargiyaVaishnava family in asmall town of North Gujarat India, where I grew up surrounded by unconditional love and spirituality. In my family spontaneous, selfless and motiveless service to humanity was strongly observed. My father was deeply drawn towards teaching Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truth), Seva (selfless service) and Prem (Love to humanity). For generations our family has been‘Vaidya’ (Practitioners in Ayurvedic Medicine) and many of these principles were at the heart of Gandhiji’s teaching.

The thoughts of Mahatma Gandhiji are universal, appealing and apply to all generations, carrying these thoughts in head, heart and in action is not easy. I have inherited these values and strive to live bythem every day of my life.

I feel helpless when I see the world in turmoil, grief and sorrow inflicted in millions of people and differences between our ideals. However, Mahatma Gandhi inspired the world with his faith in truth and justice for all humanity. He even loved those who fought against him in order to bring peace with non-violence. I have genuinely come to believe that Mahatma Gandhiji’s teaching has best guidelines for social, economic, environmental and spiritual issues that we face today. I also believe that if proper education and awareness of Gandhian thoughts can make huge difference in future of our society.

In my sincere effort to “Be the Change,” I have attempted to organize various Gandhian activities in India and in USA. Gandhian Society USA is one such humble place where like-minded Gandhians can come together and bring the change to make our world a better place.

Keeping in mind the need of Gandhian education and awareness of his teachings in USA, I have faithfully created a permanent museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhiji in USA where anyone can come have a glimpse of Gandhiji’s great life and his message.

“Gandhi Going Global 2018” is also part of many upcoming events that I think will help spread the wisdom of Gandhiji and help our society in future.

Thank you….
Bhadra Butala (Gandhian Society, USA)