The Story of GSNJ

Shri Bhadra Butala, is a humble and devoted Gandhian born in Gujarat India. He grew up in ‘New India’ soon after it gained independence; a time when Gandhian Thinking was forefront in the hearts and minds of people in rural India.

The spirit of doing something for India and its people was entrenched from very young age in him. During his long association with various organizations in India, Shri Butalaji persistently worked towards promoting the values and teachings of Mahatma Gandhiji.

After coming to USA in early 1980s, he continued to pursue in what he believed to be the ‘Ideal way of life. Shri Butalaji believes that in a world currently engaged in violent wars on so many fronts, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi could help attain some much needed clarity and peace. The truth is Gandhian philosophy is truly global and our world has lot to learn from it.

Gandhiji always maintained there could be no change in the world if we are not ready to change ourselves. Keeping this in mind, Shri Butalaji actively started rural public works, educational scholarships, and leadership & awareness camps based on Gandhiji’s teachings.

From 2010 to 2015, Shri Butalaji traveled extensively in parts of India to meet known Gandhian scholars, leaders and social workers who are actively involved in true Gandhian teachings and related works.

With Shri Sanatbhai Mehta, a well-known leader and social worker, Shri Butalaji sponsored a scholarship program to fund educational expenses of 150 poor tribal (Adivasi) girls in Naswadi village of Gujarat India.

With Shri Hasmukhbhai Patel, he sponsored to restore and built a school for children of economically deprived tribal families for primary educations in Virampur village of Gujarat India.

In association with Gujarat Vidyapeeth (University), Shri Butalaji promoted and organized “Gandhi Book Exhibition” where thousands of books on Gandhiji were offered to everyone on 50% discount. Sponsoring such book events yield huge interest among young students and readers who otherwise could not have afford to buy.

In association with Gandhi Research Foundation at Jalgaon India, he sponsored a Gandhi Leadership Camp, where young aspiring leaders from different parts of India were invited at Gandhi Tirth for a week to learn and engage in various educational activities and seminars to help them become next generation leaders in social activities.

Again, in association with Gujarat Vidyapeeth and Sabarmati Ashram of Ahmedabad India, Shri Butalaji sponsored a 2-day national convention to bring most respected Gandhian teachers, social workers, devoted supporters of Gandhian way of life from different parts of India together, and opened an intellectual discussion on teachings and message of Mahatma Gandhiji’s life named ‘Gandhi Returns: Back to Basics”. The outcome of this seminar was very positive and helpful to promote and spread awareness in context to Gandhiji’s teachings.

This event also helped Mr. Butalaji to understand the necessity to bring his related work to USA. This event also floated an idea of having a permanent Gandhi institution in USA with vast resources of educational and research database to help promote Gandhiji’s teachings. In addition, to be able to open a central museum dedicated to the life and works of Mahatma Gandhiji.

In this process, Shri Butalaji first invited Shri Hasmukhbhai and Mandaben Patel in New Jersey USA and organized a meet with community members. Meeting drew large-scale interest of such work. In the year 2017, Shri Butalaji invited Honorable Shri S. N. Subbarao also known as Bhaiji, a well- known social worker, a Gandhian and a respected teacher in association with Gandhi Peace Foundation India. He arranged many meetings and public speeches and various public events and community centers. After receiving good response and interest in people, Shri Butalaji was motivated to open a non-political, not for profit organization ‘Gandhian Society” with the help of likeminded people who carries Gandhiji within their heart and actions. The very determination and idea of “bring the change by being the change” gave birth to the “Gandhi Going Global 2018”.

Shri Bhadra Butala has always believed in the principals of truthfulness in one’s thought, speech and action, non-violence (ahimsa) and simplicity in living. Shri Butalaji is determined and devoted his life to promote the same by his various charitable and promotional works.