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Capturing Gandhiji’s Values, Legacy and Impact.
Past,Present and future of Mankind
Based of Gandhiji’s teachings.
Video length: 5 – 7 Minutes 
Language : English or Hindi
Age : 20 Years to 45 Years
Submission Period : 30th January 2024 to 15th August 2024
Judgement Criteria
  1. Engagement with Your Audience (5-10 points): Encourage your friends and family to like and share your video. Extra points will be awarded for unique engagement such as comments, discussions, and shares, showing deeper involvement beyond just views and likes.
  2. Creativity, Originality, and Communication Clarity (10-50 points): Your message should be clear, delivered effectively, and have an emotional impact. We’re looking for originality and creativity in how you express yourself.
  3. Linking Gandhi to Other Leaders (10-50 points): Make connections between Gandhi and other historical or contemporary figures who share similar values, not just leadership roles. Bonus points for insightful comparisons and analysis of shared ideologies, going beyond superficial mentions.
  4. Technical Skills (1-10 points): Evaluate the technical quality of your video.
  5. Future Outlook of Gandhian Ideals (1-10 points): Share your thoughts on where Gandhi’s principles are headed in the future.
  6. Understanding of Gandhian Philosophy (1-10 points): Assess your knowledge and grasp of Gandhi’s philosophical teachings.

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