What Gandhian Society Do

We the Gandhian Society (GS) exist to promote the Gandhian Way of Life in the USA. We spread his message of Non-violence, Truth, Self-Discipline & Love, among the people of America.

In this wild world of unseen opportunities, known enemies, technological prowess, and social chaos, there are very few things in this world we can ground ourselves. Gandhiji lived a life full of adventure, challenges, victories and often times defeat & loss but he never lost his path... He had but 11 simple Rules of Life, which kept him going in the right direction – Rules he never compromised, always respected and whole-heartedly shared with those who listened. His words and actions are relevant even today and function as lessons to lead a life of enlightenment & empowerment.

Our Manifesto On 150 years Of Gandhi

To inform, educate and engage the residents and future generations we designed a yearlong campaign on his 150-birth anniversary called Gandhi Going Global or G3. It included, an expo, a museum, a souvenir shop as-well-as Motivational Talks, Interactive & Introspective Activities, Educational Programs, Cultural Celebrations and more.

Gandhian Society believes in following values (Gandhian Way of Living) :

  • Ahimsa – Nonviolence
  • Satya – Truth
  • Asteya – Non Stealing
  • Brahmacharya – Self Discipline
  • Aparigraha – Non-Possession
  • SharirShrama – Self Labor
  • Aswada – Control of the Palate
  • Sarvatra Bhayavarjana – Fearlessness
  • Sarva Dharma Samanatva – Equality of all Religions
  • Swadeshi – Use locally made Goods
  • Sparshbhavana – Remove Untouchability


We hope that through these days the participants will absorb the 11 Rules of Life, followed by Gandhiji himself and be inspired to make a difference by “being the change”.

The GS is a living example of Walking-the-Talk – Not only do they believe in Gandhiji's words, wisdom & philosophy but proactively lead their lives as if he is within them, walking down the path beside them. There can be no more convincing manifestation of the Gandhian way of Life than that of the Society and its Board of Directors. The aim of all these individuals and the society is to ignitea Generational Lifestyle Change that will captivate & motivate youth of America; to imbibe Gandhian Philosophy and not Just Think but Act... Act like Gandhiji & Proactively Walk the Path of Life, as if they were walking in his very Footsteps.

Gandhian Society [ Work In USA]

  • Hands-on workshops to promote Gandhian Values of Non-violence, Truth, and Self-discipline in schools, universities and local communities.
  • To build awareness on the credo ‘Gandhi with us and within us’ and his relevance to 21st century.
  • Provide free literature on Gandhiji and his Life teachings.
  • Offer Academic Programs in partnership with Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) to students.
  • Open a free museum and library for everyone.
  • To participate in Gandhian activities in USA with mobile museum of Gandhiji life and teachings.

Gandhian Society [ Work In INDIA]

  • The GS partners with many organizations that also believe in the Gandhian Way of Life to promote and help educational activities and events through networking.
  • Seek-out and connect with like-minded organizations and motivate them to join them Gandhian network.

Join Us / Support Us

Want to join us in supporting a good cause? We believe in the Gandhian principles of Equality and Social Justice for all and hence we are launching 2 humanitarian projects. Covid19 relief efforts as well as rescue and rehabilitation of Street Children in India. Looking for your support!

About Gandhian Society

Gandhian Society is located in Edison New Jersey... in the heart of Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut).
We are currently working with many Gandhian NGOs and all other organizations who are inspired by Gandhiji such as America's own apostle of non-violence, Martin Luther King.

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    1412, Oak Tree Road Iselin,
    New Jersey-08830

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